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Create and deploy an AI chatbot [No-code]

Create your custom ChatGPT to answer questions about your documents

From the dashboard view, let's click on "Create a new experiment".
Select Text based.
Click on Ask questions to your documents

Create Chatbot

Choose a name and click "Next"
Upload your documents. We currently support PDF, Word or txt files. you can drag and drop directly from your computer or a zip file containing all your documents. In this tutorial we will use a document which is the transcription of the YC Startup School video: Should You Start A Startup?

To transcribe the video we used the Cogniflow transcription model. To learn more read our tutorial

You can download the file directly from here.

Upload your documents or Knowledge base

Click Next Step and Run and Create Experiment.

Note: It takes around 3 mins to set up everything and be ready to use it. If you want to be notified when the model is ready remember to mark the check.

Try your model

Once the model is ready, click on Use This Model, and ask a question:

Test your chatbot

Customize and share your chatbot

To customize and embed your chatbot you need a paid plan

Go to Deploy and click on Publish

Deploy Chatbot

A link is generated that you can use to share with anyone or click on Embed and follow the instructions to add the chatbot in your website.

Now, click on Customize, and change the title, welcome message, the language and add a banner message if you want to:

Customize Chatbot general

Then let's change the color to fit YC brand and the logo:

Customize chatbot appearance
Advanced: If you want to collect all the messages on the chatbot you can use a webhook.

Finally, this is how the chatbot looks like:

Final Chatbot

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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