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Create an Organization and invite users

Create an Organization and invite new users

The Organization feature is available in Cogniflow Professional Plan. If you need more information about our plans, please check the Cogniflow pricing page.

Create an organization

Click on your user name to open a floating menu, then click on "Settings".

Click on "Organization".

Click "Next" to start creating your organization.

Set up your Organization

Choose your organization’s name and click on "Create" (You can change the name later).

Invite members

Click on the "Members" tab. You will see the list of members of your company.

Click on "Add Member", enter the person’s email address and click on "Send invitation".

Send invitation

An invite email will be sent to activate their account.

Share Experiments

Enter the experiment you want to share with your organization.
Click on the configuration icon; you will see a list of options. Change the visibility of the experiment to "Organization".

Another user of the same company, in our case Guest, will be able to see and use the shared experiments by filtering them by visibility Organization.

Organization Experiments

See company usage

Members of a company will be able to view the company’s total usage by clicking on the "See Usage" button in the header.

The company owner will be alerted by email if the company is reaching its usage limits.

Well done!

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Updated on: 03/02/2023

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