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Chatbot WhatsApp Integration

This guide will help you use your Cogniflow Chatbot in WhatsApp.

1. Create a WhatsApp Meta App

First you need to create a Meta App in Meta for Developers platform. Create or login to your account here

Go to “My Apps” and click on “Create App”

Select Other

Create App Other

Select Business


Name your App, add your email and click on Create app

Meta Create App Details

then scroll down to find WhatsApp and click Set up

Meta App WhatsApp Setup

2. Generate Token to connect to Cogniflow

To continue you need a business Meta account. If you have already one you will see it there to select, if not go to Meta Business Suite

Under your Meta Business Suite, go to Users → System users

Add an new user for example “admin” with the role “Admin”.

Meta System Users

After creating the user, click on “Assign Assets”, go to Apps and select the App you created previously. Then, turn on all App access and Save changes.

Assign Assets

Now click on Generate new Token:
Choose the same App
Set the token expiration to “Never”
Select whatsapp_business_messaging and whatsapp_business_management

Generate Token

Copy the token in a secure place (you will need it later)

3. Meta App WhatsApp API Setup

Go back to the WhatsApp Developer Dashboard and click on “API Setup”

Add your phone number and payment method

Add phone number and payment method

After a valid payment method is verified, go to the API Setup page:

Set App Mode to Live and do a quick test to see if you can send a message from the new phone

Send message

4. Make Cogniflow and WhatsApp Integration

Now, go to Cogniflow Chatbot, click on Integration, and then WhatsApp

Cogniflow WhatsApp Integration

Enable WhatsApp integration and then copy the token generated in Step 2 and click Save

Paste Meta Token

Copy your Callback URL and Verify token

Cogniflow Webhook

Go Back to your Meta App Dashboard, under WhatsApp -> Configuration, click Edit on Webhook

Set Meta WhatsApp Webhook

Enter the callback URL and the verify token values, and click “Verify and save”

Click Manage in Webhook fields and subscribe to messages.

Subscribe to messages Webhook fields

That’s it! Start chatting on WhatsApp to get responses from your AI Chatbot!

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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