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How to use our Make integration

Integrate AI with 1000+ apps using Cogniflow and Make

Make (previously Integromat) is a no-code workflow automation platform that connects with over 1400 apps to build powerful workflows to automate any work.. Visit Make website and create a free account.

This tutorial will explain how to use our Make app integration to automate powerful workflows in Make using Cogniflow AI models.

Add Cogniflow to Your Workspace

Go to the Make platform and log in to your account.
Click on this link to install our application.
Once you're on the page, click the "Install" button, and then select the organization where you want to install the application. Once the installation is complete, a message will be displayed indicating a successful installation.

Install Make app

Use the search bar to search for the Cogniflow application using its name in your workspace.

Search Cogniflow App

Once you find our application, click on it to access the application details.
Inside the application, you will find our different modules, such as OCR English, OCR Multilingual, Text Classification, Image Classification, Audio Classification, Speech Recognition, Face Similarity, Named Entity Recognition, and Object Detection.
To add a module, simply drag and drop the action into the Make Workspace area.

Cogniflow Actions

How to use a module

Once you find the module you want to use, simply drag and drop it into your workspace. This will add the module to your workspace, and you'll be ready to configure the input data.
The first time you use a module, you'll be prompted to connect with Cogniflow. Click the "Add" button to create a new connection to Cogniflow.

Add the connection

You'll need to enter your API key, which you can find on your Cogniflow settings page. Finally, click on "Save" to save it.

Set API Key

Configure the input data for the module. Each AI module you've created may require specific input data to function correctly. This may include the text or URL of the file you want to process and the file format. You can adjust additional settings and customize the results according to your needs.
Once you're satisfied with the configuration, you can save your integration and run it to process the data using the AI modules you've added to your workspace. The results will be generated based on the settings and configurations you've set, and you can use them in your application as needed.

And that's it! Now you're ready to use the AI modules in Make to build powerful integrations.

Example: Using text extraction from image (OCR) module

This module allows for text recognition and extraction from images using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. We have 2 types: OCR English for text in English, and OCR Multilingual for text in languages from Latin.


Input parameters:

- URL: This parameter requires the URL of the image file or PDF document you want to process with OCR.
- Format: This parameter allows you to specify the file format.
- Normalize Boxes: This parameter allows you to normalize the coordinates of the recognized text bounding boxes.
- Include Boxes: This parameter allows you to obtain the coordinates of the recognized text bounding boxes as part of the output.
- Include Output Image: This parameter lets you obtain the image in the output. Typically you should use "No."

Once you have configured the input parameters of the OCR module, you can connect it to other modules or actions in your workflow to process the recognized text according to your specific needs.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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