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How to use the Google Sheets Integration

In this article, you will learn how to use Cogniflow models from Google Sheets.

First, open the following link: Cogniflow Apps Script project
Click on Overview in the sidebar.

Open project

Then, click on Make a copy button.

Please allow pop-ups and redirects if you see a warning from your browser.

Copy Project

After a few seconds, a new tab will open with the newly copied project called "Copy of Cogniflow". Then click on Deploy -> Test deployments

Test Deploy

You will see a pop-up window. Now click on the Select type icon, and then select Google Workspace Add-on

Test deployment type

Click on Install, and then Done.

Deploy Install

Great. Now open a spreadsheet, and you will see the Cogniflow Add-on on the side panel at the right:

Open Cogniflow Add-on

Open Cogniflow Add-on. The first time you need to:

Click on Authorize Access.
Select your Google Account.

Authorize Access

If you see the following alert, please click on Advanced and then on Go to Copy of Cogniflow.

Authorize Access 2

Finally, click on Allow to start using the add-on.


Click the play button to open Cogniflow.

Open Cogniflow

In case you are logged into a different account after giving permissions, which does not allow you to start the add-on. Try logging out of all your accounts and then log in to the one you want.

Now you will see the login screen. Enter your credentials to continue:


Once authenticated, you can see all the models/experiments allowed to be used from Google Sheets:

My Experiments

Great! Now you can select the experiment you want to use.

This is an example of executing a public experiment to automatically identify the language of the text in the first column:

Updated on: 12/10/2022

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