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How to use the Excel Integration

In this article you will learn how how to use any text model from Excel.

In this articule we use Excel online but you can follow the same process using a desktop version of Excel on Mac or Windows.

First create a new blank book, go to Insert and click on Add-ins:

Add Add-in

Then go to the Office store and search for the Script Lab Add-in and click Add:

Install Script Lab add-in

Then follow these steps:

Go to Import tab
Copy and paste this snippet url: Sometimes Excel experiences some issues importing the Github gist url, in that case you can copy/paste the file content instead from here
Click the Import button.

Import YAML

Click Trust and then Run to start the Cogniflow Add-in.

Trust and Run snippet

Now you should see the login screen to access Cogniflow:

Excel Add-in login

Once authenticated you will see your Text Experiments. Please change to see the public experiments and then select the Sentiment Analysis model:

Select public experiments

Click Sentiment Analysis

Now please change the option to Replace values:

Select Replace values

Finally, add some texts to the sheet to classify them using the model and press Run model:

Well done! Now you can try some other text models like Emotion Detection or any of your custom text models. To learn how to create your own text models please check this tutorial

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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